Resources for Seniors and Their Families

Researching Senior Living in Boca?

Securing the retirement future you want means you need to do your homework. You need information about the senior housing and lifestyle options available to you, and what kind of access to health care you have. And you need to know how you can pay for it all. The information on this page is here to help you explore your options in Boca. It’s easy to download and print these resources.

Boca Senior Living – Your Way
Whatever senior living option you choose, it should fit the way you live. This guide will walk you through the different types of communities you’ll find in Boca, show you how to compare the value of those options, and give you the right questions to ask to define what senior living your way should look like.

Download Boca Senior Living – Your Way

Compare Your Living Options
More tools you can use in your senior living research. You’ll find worksheets for comparing costs and evaluating your priorities, and information about senior living communities that just might surprise you.

Compare Your Options

Three Things That Might Surprise You About Senior Living
The decision to move to a retirement community is a big one. Some people resist the idea because they’re not familiar with everything that senior living offers now. As you explore your options, think about what’s holding you back, and take these three things into consideration.

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